Thursday, July 04, 2013

Nodor Supawire Dart Board - Singapore

Nodor has a long history of making one of the world finest dartboard. It is also the first in the world that invented bristle dart board.  This board is endorsed by the American Darts Organization! 
Advance feature of Nodor Supawire Board.
  • Diamond wire to reduce bounce outs.
  • Staple-free bulls-eye for fewer bounce-outs
  • Ultra-thin, round, Supawire dividers that reduce bounce-outs
  • Movable number ring so board will wear evenly and to prolong the life of the board. 
  • High-grade East African sisal fibers for a self-healing playing surface
  • 15.5" taget area
  • - Offical Tournament Specification Dart Board
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Click here for professional review of this board.

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