Saturday, October 18, 2014

Tiger Everest Cue Tip in Singapore

We stock and install Tiger Everest cue tip at our billiard shop.

Manufactured by Tiger Products,  Tiger Everest Laminated Cue Tip is the most sophisticated, durable and advanced cue tip created. Selected from the finest quality pig skins in the world, Each layer is carefully selected and split. From these splits only the ten most even and durable layers are chosen. The tips are then created using Tiger Products' unique Vaculam™ vacuum lamination process that eliminates air that gets trapped between and within the leather layers. Quality is futher enhanced  with each Everest Laminated Cue Tip individually tested for consistency, hardness, and quality. This cue tip shapes like a hard tip, hits like a medium and has a control like a soft tip. Play with one and experience the ultimate high in playing a game of pool or billiards. Tiger Everest tips are installed on all Predators's 314 and Z2 performance shafts.

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