Monday, October 20, 2014

Transport a Pool Table in Singapore

What you need to know to dismantle, transport and setup a pool table and billiard snooker table.

Relocating a billiard table is not like relocating a dinner table. Most moving companies do not have the expertise to move billiard tables. This is because a slate-bed pool table weights between 250kg to 450kg depending on the table size and the material it is made. A snooker table weights up to 1.25 ton or 1250kg.  Thus a billiard tables should be properly dismantled, fabric carefully removed and the heavy slates taken apart prior to moving. Moving a billiard table without dismantling can result in serious injuries due to the sheer weight of the table. This can also damage the table parts that are not made to support the weight of the table through lifting.

  Pool Table damages via lifting without dismantling. 

There are a few considerations to make prior to moving the pool table. For example, to what extend can the table be be dismantled? Can the table parts fit to the lift if you are moving it to a apartment? Is the stairways wide enough for the table parts should moving through staircase is required.

A pool table dismantled and packed for moving. 

After the billiard table is relocated, it should be properly assembled and level by a trained technician. The setup location should be carefully considered prior to the actual assemble and installation. Questions to ask are what is the optimum pool table position to ensure conducive play without wall block? Which direction do I want to break the ball? etc...

If the pool table location is decided without due consideration, relocating a table a few feet away requires the same dismantle and setup procedures as moving a table to a new premises. This will significantly increase the setup cost and time. Billiard table is unlike a ping pong table that can be folded and kept away. Thus it is recommended that you contact an experience and qualified billiard table moving specialist if you want to move your pool table.

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